Mini PC

Mini PC for Office

Powered by intel core i5-7200U, with dual DDR4 slot for 8G up to 16GB RAM, the SSD is extenable up to 1TB. It has Multiple DP, HDMI as well as Typle C port, it’s good choice to replace the desktop computer.

Powerful Mini desktop

Ultra thin all in one PC, with optional processor intel core i3 / i5 / i7, configured with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, built in speaker, wifi, BT, which is a wise choice for office / home / school use.

All In One PC

10.1 inch Windows 10 Tablet PC with optional NFC, GPS, QR ,CodeDocking, 3G / 4G, Sunlight Readable, Fingerprint.

10.1 inch Tablet PC IP 67 Grade

Our Top clients

E-Classroom Solution


Educational institutions are faced with many problems in deploying computer lab.On the one hand, the budget is tight, they are hard to find reliable desktop computing product with the limited money.  On the another hand, they have to do spend much time and cost to do with lot of work about management and maintenance. 

But now we have ShareVDI zero client solution. It not only solved the budget and maintenance problem, but also bring abundant benefits of multimedia smart class functions.

ShareVDI Thin Client solution allows multiple users share desktop and resources in one PC, users work independently but share all the applications,files on the shared PC.



1.Saving cost by replacing traditional PCs with ShareVDI thin client terminals.

2.Management software enable interactive teaching by the functions of remote control and monitoring screens thin client power consumption is only 5w, which greatly reduce the cost and protect environment friendly

4.Largely avoid malfunction,as thin client hardware is simpler without moving components and complicated circuit. If one terminal failed another can be replaced immediately without re-configured system. 

5.Host PC can upgrade all terminals by one key , not need to upgrade firmware one by one 

6.Deliver high resolution video play for multiple users simultaneously