Smart Business Continuity

Always-on, continuous availability prevents the possibility of application downtime and data loss. This is contingent on uninterrupted service in the event of an outage without any compromise in performance. The increasing flow of data across networks and devices demands fail-proofing data security as well as automated redundancy and recovery practices, to ensure end-to-end disaster recovery.

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leader, NEC with its suite of award-wining high availability, disaster recovery and collaborative solutions help maintain a connected environment where it is most crucial.

Safeguarding the Enterprise
Today’s high performance enterprises depend on reliable access to tools, information and people to persistently operate smartly and compete effectively.
This requires a robust communications and IT infrastructure capable of providing always-on availability that can also self heal should potential service
disruptions occur.


Fault Tolerant Solution

NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) Solution provide an innovative solution to address planned and unplanned downtime for your most important applications. The solution deliver continuous availability for 99.999% system uptime through its fully redundant modular hardware. The FT Solution can deliver a lower total cost of owner ship compared to traditional high availability and traditional server solutions. The FT Solution only
requires one copy of the operating system and no special skill or setup or configure the solution


High Availability Clustering Solution


Software solution for high availability and remote disaster recovery preventing data loss and protecting your IT system which finally leads to saving time and money. The solution is designed to ensure high availability of business critical systems with fast application and data recovery within minutes. In addition, the solution minimizes deployment cost by support ing standard packaged applications (e.g.
Database servers, e-mail servers, web servers) so no expensive “enterprise” or “cluster-aware” application editions are required. Expresscluster also includes an easy to use unified manage ment console for configuration and monitoring of multiple systems within a single network environment.


Comprehensive Fault Tolerant and Disaster Recovery Solution


Designed to address the integrated application and data protection needs running in geographic cally separated sites over a wide area network for fast disaster recovery purposes. The solution has been optimized to support integrated application failover and disk mirroring function ality in a low bandwidth and long latency network environment. The Comprehensive Business Continuity solution offers Software & hardware redundancy, Granular app & data resource failure detection and auto recovery with local and remote recovery.

Featured Solution

“High availability Software for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery”

“Unique High availability server that is able to achieve near-zero downtime”